Lead Hazard Control Program

For Homeowners:

The Lead Hazard Control Program (previously known as the Get the Lead Out! program) helps homeowners protect their children from lead poisoning. Lead hazards can be fixed before children are poisoned. Becoming lead-safe is good for your home in many ways, such as new windows, new siding or fresh paint!


  • The home to be repaired must be located in the city of Grand Rapids.
  • The house must have been built before 1978 and have lead-based paint hazards.
  • There must be a pregnant woman or a child 0-5 years of age who lives in the home or spends 20+ hours in the home per week.
  • Must meet the income guidelines: Click here to view updated income guidelines.

Here’s what homeowners can expect:

  • Up to $20,000 in repairs (includes paint repair, new windows and other lead hazard elimination practices)
  • No repayment for homeowners who stay in their homes for 5 years (The grant is secured by a self-amortizing loan, so those who move out sooner than five years will need to repay a prorated portion of the grant.)
  • Your home may also be eligible for additional free repairs for health and safety items based on a full-home assessment. Call for more information.

How to Apply: Call Jackie Hernandez at tel or email her at jackie@healthyhomescoalition.org.

If you live outside of the City of Grand Rapids:


The State of Michigan’s Lead Safe Home Program offers lead removal to any Michigan household with a child whose blood lead level is at least 5.0. Households without a lead-poisoned child may also qualify. Call the Michigan Lead Safe Home Program at (866) 691-5323.

City of Wyoming

Lead inspections and removal are included in City of Wyoming’s Homeowner Housing Rehabilitation Program. Affordable home improvement loans are available for low- to moderate-income households.


  • Live in City of Wyoming
  • Household income below 80% AMI

Call (616) 530-7266 to request a loan from the City of Wyoming Planning and Development Department.

Other Kent County Areas

Kent County Community Development can help homeowners in the City of Kentwood and other communities throughout Kent County. The Kent County Housing Rehabilitation Program offers deferred payment loans and grants for hazard abatement, including lead removal.


  • Live within Kent County, outside of Grand Rapids and Wyoming
  • Household income below 80% AMI

Call the Kent County Community Development Department at (616) 632-7410 to complete a pre-application process by phone.

Muskegon County

Muskegon County Land Bank Authority has a Lead Hazard Reduction Program. Call (231) 724-1259 to see if your household qualifies.